Monique Stoner Bio

Meet Monique Stoner

Very few people have been able to impact People, Companies and Communities like Monique Stoner.  Her determination to reach her full potential and ambition to be successful led her to start her first non-profit business before age twenty-one.

Monique is universally characterized by her friends, colleagues, and clients as one of the most insightful, charismatic, and compassionate individuals in business today. She is one of the most influential Trainers in Branding, Leadership & Personal Effectiveness of our day and is respected for her years of groundbreaking work in the fields of Healthcare, Government Services, Community Development and Women’s Empowerment.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Monique Stoner is a Business Coach, Brand Catalyst and Life Strategist.  She specializing in Branding, Business Development, Leadership, Communications and Personal Effectiveness.

Monique is one of the leading branding and business strategy experts. She brings real-world experience and practical expertise to help individuals and teams enhance their brand and raise their strategy IQ.  She has a passion for developing leaders and is a pioneer in teaching people to apply the principles of business strategy for both professional and personal success. Monique provides services in the following areas…

        • Personal and Professional Branding
        • Strategy & Performance Training & Coaching
        • Leadership Training & Coaching
        • Women’s Empowerment Events
        • Conferences  & Custom Seminars
        • Boot Camps & Specialized Training Program
        • Corporate & Professional Training
        • Mentoring Programs & Mastermind Groups
        • Business Coaching & Consulting
        • Life Coaching
        • Webinars and Tele-Classes
        • Keynotes
        • Media Commentary
        • Live Event Hosting
        • Campaign Spokesperson

Monique Stoner is a MASTER STRATEGIST with 24 years of experience as a business leader. In addition to delivering DYNAMIC speaking and leadership development programs, she is an EXPERT in coaching and training mid-sized and small business owners through motivational, interactive empowerment events and one-on-one consultation.

Serving for five years as a Commissioner for Women, Monique has led National Initiatives to promote Women’s Health, Education and Career Advancement. She is committed to providing training & coaching programs that offer both Insight and Inspiration! Monique has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and an MBA.  She is certified as a Professional Counselor & Consultant.

To find out how to book Monique for an Event, retain her as your Strategic Branding or Business Coach, or inquire about one of her customized programs for you and your leadership team, please contact our office at 877-527-3311.  You can also send an email to information@moniquestoner.com.