Passion is the internal source of energy that we can tap into to achieve our goals!

Motivated EntrepreneursTwo of the most powerful sources of personal energy are passion and need. We’re internally driven to pursue the things in life that we require and those that we deeply desire in order to be happy and fulfilled. Our needs are fairly common, but our passions are as unique as our fingerprints. Passion is the energy source within each of us that is activated when our strongest interests are engaged.

Have you ever noticed that there are certain activities that inspire and energize you, while others drain your inner battery and make you feel run down? When something ignites our passion, we become interested, engaged, focused and highly motivated. Each of us possesses the capacity to experience passion, but few of us find the keys to activate it in a consistent and meaningful way. Tapping into your passion is the one true way to find fulfillment in your career, business and life.

If you do not have passion then you are basically just going through the motions. Passion is what drives you to pursue your purpose. It’s what keeps a smile on your face in the midst of adversity. The desire that burns and inflames your heart becomes the fuel that enables you to withstand whatever each day may bring. Most people can’t tell you the exact day that they lost interest in their job or business. That’s because when passion has burned out, it’s not immediately noticeable.

Motivation and enthusiasm can leak out of a person like air seeping out of a tire and all of a sudden, without warning, you are depleted of energy and have a hard time withstanding pressure. Remember, your strength is in the passion found inside of you. Connecting with your passion is important for your health, both mental and physical. And it is especially important for the work that you do. You are unlikely to be successful in a business or career if your batteries are depleted or if your energy reserves are seldom fired up.

In today’s business world, identifying your personal passion and developing work and life goals that tap this motivational energy source is a priority. In fact, defining your passion and determining how to capitalize on this internal power is one of the major challenges faced by entrepreneurs and professionals. Unleashing your potential is predicated on finding your passions. The key to having energy and motivation for life and work is to discover what engages this inner potential.

What dream, what hope, or what goal empowers you to persevere? What is it that you want to accomplish before leaving this earth? What goal have you set for yourself, your business, or your career that excites you at the very thought of accomplishment? The power of your personal passion is what keeps you from being stifled by the frustrations and dissatisfaction that comes with work. When you lose your passion, you feel no intensity to be productive. You begin to ignore things that would usually capture your attention. You stop focusing on the details and the important items of each day.

Keep your heart sober and don’t allow yourself to become intoxicated by the challenges of work at your job or in your business. Passion is the key to controlling your destiny and achieving mastery in your personal and professional life. Search your heart to find the passion that has been placed within you and it will become the wellspring from which you draw the strength to keep on moving forward!

Be Brave, Bold & Brilliant!

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